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Capitalize on Your Education Customers’ Classroom Technology Needs To Deliver the 21st Century Classroom

Teachers, Administrators, Superintendents and IT Managers are rapidly embracing classroom technologies that support 1:1 and BYOD initiatives to increase teacher mobility and boost student engagement.

Splashtop’s superior sharing, mirroring, interactive whiteboard and remote access capabilities make it a top-selling favorite with teachers and staff members. Teachers can control their IWBs, lessons and presentations from their iPad or Android tablet from anywhere in the classroom, annotate over content then share their desktop with all students. If you’d like to become a partner, please complete the form.

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Splashtop Classroom and HoverCam Solo 8 are perfect for teachers and instructors who want to engage and interact with every student in the entire room. The HoverCam Solo 8 – Splashtop Classroom Bundle allows teachers to view their desktop, applications and the live HoverCam image on their tablet and to display the tablet image on a large screen or projector. Teachers can also share their tablet screen and HoverCam images directly to students’ tablets, and chromebooks so students can view, control and annotate over lesson content directly from their mobile device.

Get OnBoard Academics highly interactive, common core aligned lessons for K-8 in Math, ELA or Science for less than $4 per month! Teachers can easily use their whiteboards without the need to spend hours creating or searching for whiteboard lessons. And now they have partnered with Splashtop to share lessons with student Chromebooks, iPads and Android devices by using Splashtop Classroom.

Splashtop Classroom allows presenters to share their Sharp AQUOS BOARD™ with their audience by allowing them to view and interact directly from their mobile device, Chromebook, Mac or PC! Splashtop Mirroring 360 allows the audience to mirror their Chromebook, iPad, PC or Mac to a presenters’ Sharp AQUOS BOARD™ without moving from their seat.

VSC has been supplying educational institutions with technology products for more than 30 years. Their staff consists of people who share your love of teaching and understand how technology can be leveraged to make your job easier and more effective.

Currently headquartered in Southern California, with distribution facilities strategically located throughout the U.S., STS has expanded its original product lineup to cover virtually every educational technology need. From refurbished name-brand hardware with lifetime parts warranties to complete IT and Network Management solutions, our inventory and service offerings today rival that of any electronics super-seller.

Troxell is the nation’s leading provider of classroom and presentation technologies including 1:1 classroom mobility solutions, displays, projectors, document cameras and audio to name just a few. Troxell is among Google’s largest national resellers into the education market with aggressive pricing and a wide selection of contracts to make purchasing simple.

Technology in Education specializes in technology integration in the K-12 classroom. We continually search for the very best new technologies that will support teachers and students with instruction and learning. We believe that Splashtop Classroom and Splashtop Mirroring360 are the best resources that schools will find to promote student and teacher communication, collaboration, and engagement in the 21st Century classroom.